Saturday, 6 March 2010

Parting is such sweet sorrow.............

I have decided that although I started out on this adventure only a few short weeks ago, to let the blog go for now. Sometimes there is just not enough of me to go around and so something has got to give. This is one of the things that is going, and Facebook is the other.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has made kind comments and offered kind words. They mean alot. I never thought that anyone would be listening so thanks to those out there that have.

So for now I will will you all luck for the future, plus lots of happiness.

See you around,

Big Hugs

Catherine xx

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

My favourite pudding.

Before I move on to the clothes and the like which I promised I would now do on a Tuesday I thought I would tell you what my favourite pudding is.

Meet Pudding, or pud for short. She is 4 years old and her hobbies include creeping upstairs when she knows she shouldn't, sleeping on her brothers beds, chasing moths amongst other things and growling. Oh and chasing my legs and tripping me up!! She came from a rough area of Nottingham and has the cattitude of a teenager. She likes to bring us presents, most are dead, however that wasn't the case with the bat she brought in, which flew around our living room for 4 hours until we tracked down a fishing net to catch it with. Poor thing, unharmed but must of wondered what the bloomin hell was going on!! I love my Pud!!
Next clothes and the like. Todays outfit has been a fail safe since I lost weight as I wear it with a belt so can pul it in (or out) depending on how many cakes I may have eaten on any given day.

Grey boyfriend cardi from George, Leggings, Belt and long sleeved top from Primark, checked long shirt from H & M and flat ye old faithful boots from Dorothy Perkins.

I also thought that as I have forgotten to take pictures of the outfits I wore over the weekend I would show you the contents of
my make up bag. I really love everything I have in it including the bag which is a Cath Kidston freebie with Easy Living magazine a couple years back. It's not expensive as I don't have a massive budget but my sensitive skin gets on very well with all these products at the moment, which is good in my experience. So contents are as follows:-
Simple Kind to Skin hydrating light mousturiser- Love it and have done since I was 15
Boots own powder brush
Tweezerman tweezers-these are alittle pricey but for me the best. This is my second pair
Garnier soft essentials with rose extract cleansing milk-normally I have to be careful with scents but this one smells lush and doesn't irritate my skin
Cath Kidston button mirror
Ruby & Millie face and lip brushes-I use the face brush with my blusher and the lip brush I use with my eyeshadow to make my eyebrows look thicker (over plucking in my early teens!!)
Soap and Glory Trick and Treatment-I really rate this item though on some websites I know it gets a mixed review. I have a slightly yellow skin tone so when I pat this in there is no make up line (if that makes sense) though I do think if you are paler skined then this may show up
Rimmel 3 in 1 powder blush in spring flower
Natural collection loose powder
L'oreal studio secrets smoothing resurfacing primer
17 eyeshadow trio- I only use one shade of this mainly to do my eyebrows!
Nivea Visage tinted mousturising day cream
And that my friends is it. I do have other odds and ends in a draw upstairs but theyare mainly used for special occaisions.
So thats it from me now until Thursday. Happy midweek and I will see you then.
Catherine xx

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Tiptoe through the tulips.

Happy Sunday everyone. How are you all? I'm ok thank you. After asking the question last Monday, about what to do with this space I call 'mine' and reading your comments (thanks guys) I have decided to take the following course. I will post on a Sunday, which will be all about the boys. The reason I started this blog was to try and get us out of the routine of watching telly and doing not much else (bad mother I know!!) and to hopefully give me the motivation I need to do this. I also wanted to gain inspiration from other people for purse friendly family fun.

The other reason I started this blog was to try and get myself out of the style rut I have become accustomed to (Leggings, long dresses and lots of jeans) and to get advice on outfits and the like. So Tuesdays from now on will be fashion, outfit and makeup related. I can't promise there won't be a pair of jeans in sight but I may just add a pretty scarf to the mix (though I will try not to get too carried away, ha ha)
I have also decided to blog on a Thursday too. Now after much deliberation about what to put in I have decided on the following route. Food, house and home. Expect lot's of cakes, low carb recipes (back to it tomorrow, and yes I know the bog standard cake isn't low carb boo hoo) and pictures of our newly transformed rooms as we are in the process of 'doing up' the house. I am also going to be looking at our budgets. This for me can be a big part of family life, it can dictate what we eat and what we wear, If we feel happy or in despair from one month to the next. I am rubbish with money but as I am getting to closer to 30 I want to learn how to be better. No more rubbish spending for me, so will be posting tips that I pick up and how things are going.

And last but not least a few pictures from my week. (the kitchen isn't quite finished but I am so loving the red!)(Also the sandels are from Zara, love at first sight and they are just divine!, what did I say about budgeting??)

Now I know it's Sunday but I haven't got any adventures to post today. It's been a dreary old day here, and the only thing we have done today is go out for lunch. No cooking or washing up for me=one happy bunny. This weeks other highlights include Lucas having 2 new words (there and mine), he's also managed to get himself up on high chairs this week, Harry telling me all about what he does at the childminders in great detail and coming home to big hugs after only being out for a few mins (grandad babysat!!)

So that's it from me now till Tuesday. Hope you like the new itinerary. Have a good few days and take care

Catherine xx

Monday, 22 February 2010

I don't like Mondays!! ( Tell me why?)

And in the words of Sir Bob, I'm gonna dooooooooooooooooooooooo the whole day down.

Well hello there everyone. I Hope that I find you well on this rather cold Monday evening. Did you have a good weekend? Enjoy the snow??

We had a very quite weekend thanks. As you can see from the title of this post I hate the day that follows Sunday. Just wish I could fast foward through the M word until about Wednesday, that would do for me.

Sorry there are no pictures tonight. I am in the process of thinking about the direction to take this blog in. I have started it to give me motivation to try new things with the boys. I started it to take stock of all the milestones they go through which I seem to forget, like the first time Harry said 'I love you' or 'you're gorgeous!' I started it to give me the inspiration I seem to lack when it comes to making more of an effort with myself. I want it to be true to me. As it is for me/us.

So I am off for a few days to ponder what to do with it. Should it be all focused on the boys and cooking, or should I include more aspects of my life like fasion and music? Any comments are gratefully received.

Right I am off to get warm, cups of tea and biscuits all round. Will see you all in a few days.

Take care

Catherine xx

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

101 Dresses.

Good evening everyone. How are we all on this rather cold Wednesday evening?

Well as promised and as the title of this post suggests, I am going to be talking dresses. Well for now anyway. Back in January 2009 I made a pact with myself that I would no longer slum it in trousers all the time and to assure my hubby that he had in actual fact married a lady (as if there was any doubt!!) I would buy a dress. Nothing fancy, just a plain old dress. I managed to find one from Tesco of all places. I was 1 and a half stone heavier than I am now when I got it and wasn't at all confident about wearing it but something clicked, especially during the summer. And wore it I did. It was a navy blue shift. Perfect for work, rest and play. Poor thing fell to bit's but it helped me to see that I don't have to cover up from head to toe to look good. And I can wear a dress as a busy mum. I now own 10 and 3 skirts which is pretty good going. Some are too big now and have to be worn belted and others are cheapys from tesco etc as my shopping budget is not as large for me as I would like and I never have much luck with charity chops!

Thought I would also show you my ever expanding collection of necklaces and bracelets. I can get some really nice bit's and bobs from all over the place which don't cost the earth, which I hope helps keep things looking abit more fresh.

Last but not least my outfit for today. Yes I know. I'm wearing trousers!! Yea old faithfuls from Primark in dark grey which I have had about 6 years. They were the best £8 I have ever spent. I will never part with them. They were too small for me at the beginning of 2009 but now I have to wear them with a belt and can pull them down without trying (which the hubby likes!! Typical bloke!) Necklace and tee shirt from Primark and leopard print cardi from??? Slippers from Sainsburys!!
Excuse the mess, the potty in the corner and a small child who I'm not supposed to mention (oopss!!)

What is your favorite buy of the moment? Mine is the skirt pictured above. Matalan £12. 2 sizes smaller than I would have to normally get thanks to the weight loss. Can't wait for the sunshine!!

See you all soon

Catherine xx

Friday, 12 February 2010

Bring on the boys!!

As promised I would like to introduce the 3 men in my life, and in the words of Paddy Mcguiness let the horse see the carrot (couldn't think of a beter one ooppsss!!)

Introduction song:-Baa baa black sheep (his choice!!)
This is Harry. He's 3. He's a happy little chap with lots of friends. He's rather cautious and is scared of most things including his shadow (bless him) He went on a plane for the first time at 8 months old and loves to explore. He was an undiagnosed breech baby hence the emergency c-section, nice. He didn't walk until he was 18 months old but said his first word at 8 months (other than mum and dad!)

Introduction song:- Fire starter by the prodigy (my choice for him!)
This is Lucas. He's 1 and a half. He was a massive 10lbs at birth and all the nurses kept coming round to look at the big baby!! He's always been a good sleeper, unlike Harry. He is scared of NOTHING and wont think twice of jumping off the setee, crawling over broken glass (not that he has ever had the chance!) He took his first steps at 10 moths and walked just after his 1st birthday. He doesnt talk, though he does know a few words.

And finally the introduction song:- Anything by the Kaiser Cheifs or Razorlight!!
This is the hubby. We have been together 9 years in May. We met on a blind date the week before I left the country to work in Portugal for 3 months. He turned 30 last year. He is a home body and gets a little nervous about being away form home too long. He/we never have too much luck with cars. (He is abit of an allusive character, doesn't like his picture taken much. This was in the ruins of Alton manor at Alton towers last year.
Well That's it for now. Highlight of the day, well the car isn't working and is probably going to cost a few quid and we were supposed to be going away for the night tomorrow but not now the car is dead. So I'm struggling with that one. I suppose at least it's the weekend! What has been your highlight over the last few days?
I promise the next post will not include the kids and will be all about clothes and make-up. Promise!!!
Take care for now, I look forward to seeing you soon. Catherine xx

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

About a Girl.

Not sure how this post should go, but have decided I would do a little getting to know me session, I hope you don't mind!?

So first up, as you know by now I am a mum of 2 boys. I will Add Imagebe introducing them at a later date. I'm sure you'll get fed up of them at some point (I know I do) but as I do tend to bang on about them, even when I try not to I feel it is only fair to introduce them, face to face!? Right so something new. There are 19 months between my 2 and both boys were emergency c-sections, eek!!!

I work for a well known charity as an administrator (plus general dogs body!)(not that you can tell cuz my spelling is useless without spell check!!) and have been there 8 months. I really enjoy the work and it's flexible as I only work part time so fits around the boys nice.

I am originally from Peterborough and still have alot of Family there including my dad.

So that's it for now on that front I'm afraid, though I forgot to mention I like to eat chocolate (and lot's of it), dance like a loon and wear dangley earrings (when I'm not near a little person in risk of losing an ear lobe!)

Thought I would also add what I wore today. It fascinates me as to how easy people throw together outfits with such ease and elegance yet normally I look like a sack of spuds, and even that takes effort. Pictures aren't that good, the camerea is on it's way out plus, I was taking the photos. Todays outfit was wide leg high waisted trousers from Tesco, Black vest top from Next, Blue bejeweled short cardi from Matalan and shoe boots from Newlook via ebay. The normal watch and wedding rings plus my little flower necklace that the hubby had made for me when our Harry was first born was also worn.
Well I hope that you have had a good day. What has been your highlight today? Mine has been getting the new issue of Grazia (That's as fashion-y as it gets with me)
See you again soon and take care
Catherine xx